by Stephen Mumford on March 16, 2018 | Digital Marketing Strategy

The online buyer journey has developed and evolved over the last few years with the development of new technology.

The buyer journey is far from linear and requires a lot more attention than previously thought. Having the right content in front of the right prospect at the right time has become the challenge that many marketers are now facing when looking at their user personas buyer journeys. Prospects now utilise many different platforms, devices and channels to consume, use and purchase products and services.

Watch this short video by Senior Consultant, Stephen Mumford, as he shares his insights on the nuanced buyer journey.

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Video Transcription:

In digital, there is nothing new about the phrase "the buyer journey". We know that prospects move through stages of awareness, consideration and then intent to do business with you. I think what's changed in recent times is that whole buyer journey has become more nuanced, more complex, and it's very important to have a more personalised approach to how you're interacting with those prospects at the lead stage.

Content marketing and content strategy, for example, is key. Having the right content put in front of the right prospects at the right time is an additional challenge that marketers are still struggling with and it's something that we focus very heavily on when we're looking at the big picture, in terms of lead generation.

Email marketing we know is fantastic and email marketing can nurture people through that buyer journey but it's a different medium to looking at a website or engaging with a video or a landing page and so the content pieces that come into an email strategy need to be absolutely on the money to support that channel. It's no longer a dollar in dollar out in the way that you're actually able to assess the success of individual channels - that's how it used to be. The fact is now though that all of those channels are working together towards the end goal of increasing lead quality and reducing cost per lead.

And of course, people are moving on different devices through that buyer journey - it's anything but linear - they're bouncing around looking at you from a branded search. Jumping on a mobile to then look at your website and compare and contrast the content and messaging they're getting on those devices with the other competitors that they are equally looking at on that journey.

It's hard, it's nuanced, it's not easy to make sense of it all. That's one of the things that we certainly support our client with here at Rocket. If you are struggling to make the journey through awareness to consideration to intent actually work for you and get leads happening of the right quality, then obviously get in touch with us and we'd love to work with you to see how we can support you with that.

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