by James Lawrence on February 4, 2019 | Digital Marketing Resources

Developing a strong digital marketing strategy should be your first step in setting up any campaign or project.

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The Online Marketing Institute states that it takes 7 to 13 or more touchpoints to deliver a qualified sales lead.A strong digital strategy will take this into account, utilising a multi-channel approach to engage prospects and nurture them along their browsing journey.

Digital marketing continues to evolve at a rapid pace in 2019. A core driver behind this is empowered and informed decision makers. Prospects are empowered by the digital information age and can research your business and competitors at their leisure, only engaging with you when they are ready. Buyers are increasingly informed and fiercely independent buyers looking for information first and establishing contact with you second.

Tapping into this process and the complex, nuanced buyer journey is the goal to connect with your prospects and buyers in 2019.

Are you looking to develop a strong strategy that will drive leads and sales for your business in 2019? Stuck with developing a multi-channel approach? This guide will take you through the channels that are worth putting your marketing spend towards to drive ROI. This is your marketers guide to 2019.

How Will This Guide Help?

  • Be self-assured when building the perfect digital strategy
  • Deliver your strategy and plan with confidence
  • Lose the fear of indecision - find out how to reach and engage with Senior Decision Makers via digital
  • Assure your content is strong with a durable approach
  • Understand marketing funnels with ease and how they will transform your results
  • Positively overcome the challenges & pitfalls that agencies see every day
  • Harness the power of Social Media for your strategy
  • Impress your boss with genuine insights

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