by Qiret Lane on December 17, 2018 | Lead Generation

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If you’re anything like me then the end of the year is a reflective period when you assess the year you’ve just had. Whether it’s purely work-related goals, personal ones or a combination of both, the end of the year is a great time to take stock, plan your digital strategy, plan for the year ahead and feel motivated to have a strong start from January 1.

Before the silly season truly gets into full swing, it’s important to lock away the year and get ready for the next. What are you trying to achieve next year? What changes need to be made for you to hit your KPI’s and goals – whatever they may be for you? Here’s a 3-point list to consider before the start of next year and to put in place what is needed for you to hit the ground running as the new year comes in.

  1. Data Capturing
    This is essential – you need to understand firstly what your potential customers are doing when they land on your website – this is where you want them! Even more importantly – what are the actions you want them to take that they aren’t doing? Where are you losing them? You need to understand your users at mass which is now even easier than it’s ever been. For our clients, we use HotJar as one of our tools to optimise the website and the conversion funnels so we can understand, end to end, a users journey on specific pages of the website. This allows you to make simple, or dramatic, CRO changes in order to make your website more conversion focused.
  2. (Re)-define Your Personas 
    Who is your perfect customer?
    Most clients know this but what they don’t drill down to is their ideal customer’s pain points, real-world problems and motivators. Once you know all of this (the more the better!), then you will be able to create targeted communication to solve these pain points and problems, to motivate them and aid them along in their journey to purchase. You will be able to talk to the benefits of your product/service that will solve your personas pain points and take them to their desirable “after” state after purchasing from you and using your product/service.
  3. So, Where is Your Perfect Customer Then?
    Knowing who your perfect persona is will probably give you a good starting point as to where you will find your perfect customer across digital. The quick answer is that you’ll find most them across most digital channels. The average attention span of a human is down to seconds now, before they are bored or have moved onto something else. The key here is to be precise with what you target your user with. That’s why the point above is as important as ever – if you can figure out where your target market is in their journey and what they’re thinking, and you hit them with the right message at the right time and utilising the right channel then BINGO – well done! But I’m sure you’ve heard that before. How do you find this information out? Well, utilising a strong remarketing strategy will allow you to target personas and the segment they fall in based on their search intent because of the pages they visit. Are they going from your home page to your contact page? Or have they stopped by your What We Do page or product information pages before they got there? Or did they exit your website altogether? All useful information to know to turn your website into a conversion funnel.

At the end of the day, it’s the marketing & sales strategy that drives the growth of a business. Therefore, you need a holistically strong digital marketing strategy before you work on the tactics. Otherwise, your hard work will most likely be wasted if they’re directed to the wrong audience because no one will be listening no matter how loud you shout!

So, now is the time to get planning before the next year comes around.

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Qiret Lane

Qiret hails from sunny London, where she worked in media sales, outdoor media and large media agencies in the B2C market. Moving to Australia in 2012 to work with a start-up, Qiret then found herself at Rocket as a Digital Account Manager and moving up to Digital Account Director. We don’t know what we’d do without Qiret, to be honest. She’s responsible for putting together effective lead generation strategies and leading our account managers to achieve optimal results for our clients. Qiret loves the dogs in the agency and the people she works with (often in that order: dogs make the best people).

You should know that Qiret couldn’t turn left when riding a bicycle until she was about 12. In all honesty, she still can’t really do it. Awkward!

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