by Qiret Lane on December 17, 2018 | Digital Marketing Strategy

If you're anything like me, the end of the year is a reflective period. It's also a key time for future planning. For most marketers, this means looking at their marketing strategy with a key question in mind. Will my current strategy, with the resources I have available, deliver on the goals required by my organisation?

What are you trying to achieve next year? What changes need to be made for you to hit your KPI's and goals? Here's a 3-point list to consider before the start of the new year. What can our old school list uncover which will help you hit the ground running?

1. What's Actually Happening On Your Website
This is essential - you need to understand what your potential customers are actually doing when they land on your website. Even more importantly - what are the actions you want them to take that they aren't doing? Where are you losing them? You need to understand your users both as a group and also individiually. Technology makes this easier than it's ever been before. For our clients, we use HotJar as one tool to visualise visitor behaviour. Understanding a users journey on specific pages of a website is critical to its success as it allows for simple, or dramatic CRO changes in order to make a website more conversion focused.

2. (Re)-Define Your Personas 
Who is your perfect customer?
Most clients know who their perfect customer is. However, what they often don't do, is drill down to their ideal customers' pain points, real-world problems and motivators. Once you know all of this (the more the better!), then you will be able to create targeted communication to solve these pain points and problems, to motivate them and aid them along in their journey to purchase. You will be able to talk to the benefits of your product/service. You will be able to demonstrate how you can solve your personas pain points and take them to their desirable "after" state.

3. Where Can You Find Your Perfect Customer?
The average attention span of a human is down to seconds now. For this reason, you need to be precise with your targeting. You need to hit the right person, at the right time with the right message. Google and Facebook both offer incredible targetting on their advertising platforms. LinkedIn is increasingly powerful at allowing you to target individuals based on their role at work. Remarketing allows you to show segmented ads to visitors based on their previous interactions with you. Email marketing remains the best performing marketing channel by ROI primarily because you are able to segment people who have shown interest in you previously and deliver personalised information to them. Does your current marketing strategy take into account the places your prospects visit online and deliver the right message to them at the right time?

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, it's the marketing & sales strategy that typically drives growth in any business. If you're currently focussed on executing tactics and haven't stopped for some time to take in the big picture, then I'd suggest it's time to run through the points above and get a top-level view on where you're at.

Now is the time to get planning before the next year comes around.

Not sure where to start or what a good digital marketing strategy looks like? Get in touch with the team here, and we'd be only too happy to help out with a free consultation.

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