by Andrew Zeng on December 17, 2018 | Email Marketing

Email marketing is still a cost-effective way to drive positive ROI and re-engage new and old customers. There are 5 trends I'll be watching in 2019 that will change the email game.

Video Transcript:

Year upon year, there are many that believe that email marketing is dead. We believe that email marketing has evolved and will continue to evolve very quickly. It will remain as a cornerstone in any full-stack marketing strategy. But what exactly is changing with email marketing? Here are 5 important elements that we need to consider when it comes to email service providers in the near future.

These 5 elements will dramatically change and shift our brands and marketers alike push out their message in an increasingly saturated space.

Number 1 is hyper targeting. Currently email marketing can be triggered by a host of data-aggregation points, but in the near future we can expect these data points to expand dramatically. Trigger-based emails on data points that we don't currently have access to will allow brands and marketers to push out the correct message at the correct time.

Number 2 is more video. We can expect to see more funnels and more nurture flows featuring more video. It has become a question of "how do I do video" rather than "why video?" Video as a content form is highly personable and highly customisable, so, naturally, it pairs up well with email marketing and we can expect to see a lot more of this in the near future.

The third crucial element is the fact that moving forward, customers or consumers will have the majority choice of how they're marketed to when it comes to email marketing. The days of bulk-blasting emails is long gone and is now replaced with AI led technology; technology such as Google Homes, Amazon Alexa, customers will soon be telling these devices and marketers how they want to be marketed to. With the combination of customer-led controls, hyper targeting and personal videos we can expect ROI of email marketing to actually increase rather than decrease over time.

The fourth crucial element is of course, mobile optimised marketing and this is very tailored towards email marketing. We see an increased activity on mobile devices so therefor naturally we need to conform our email marketing to mobile devices. The trend is increased activity within the body of the email itself, so I'm talking about buy buttons, full catelogues and full menus within the body of the email so therefor the path of conversion is actually being cut down, particularly for time sensitive mobile users.

The fifth and final element that we all need to consider when it comes to email marketing in the near future is contextual targeting. Now imagine this: it's 9am and you're at the gym and at the top of your inbox is Nike promoting their latest compression shorts. It's now 11am and you're at the grocery store and at the top of your inbox is now the latest promo code for fresh food at the local grocery store. We can definitely expect email platforms to use contextual queues to serve you more relevant ads at the right time using Geo-location, the latest message that you sent etc. and using other data points to serve you much more relevant ads and this will ultimately increase conversion rate and engagement rate within the email itself.

So if you're interested in exploring email marketing as a strong digital channel within your full marketing strategy, then feel free to give us a call on 02 8310 2393. We look forward to speaking to you soon!


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