by David Lawrence on July 23, 2018 | Digital Marketing Resources Digital Marketing Strategy

Looking for a list of channels going crazy right now? A quick win for you to turn on today and reap the outrageous returns tomorrow? When growing your business, deep down you know that no such thing exists and I'm not going to mess up your marketing efforts even further by telling you otherwise.

Facebook? AdWords? Instagram? Twitter? YouTube Ads? LinkedIn? Sorry, I honestly couldn't say what will work for you and neither can anyone else unless they understand the specific value you offer your clients and how your clients go about finding an offering such as yours.

What I can offer you though, and I would argue it's much more valuable, is genuine insight into what our most successful clients are doing that is generating huge and predictable growth. Sound good? Read on…

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  1. Video:

    We've become a lazy bunch. Reading more than a headline or skimming more than a paragraph or two is seemingly too hard. Sometimes pictures are even too boring to capture our fleeting attention. If you're not offering your visitors video then there's almost certainly a whole bunch of prospects who just can't be bothered hearing what you have to say. Video ads, explainer videos, problem solving videos and more. It's not about creating TV-quality video, it's about delivering value. Get started!

  2. Persona Focus Groups:

    When we have a client wanting to enter a new market, launch a new product or target a new persona we run a Persona Focus Group. The idea is simple, but the value can be incredible. Get a small sample of your persona group in a room (three to five people) and lead them through a conversation to find out exactly what they think, what their problems are, what they think your offering is and what they think of current solutions. Are you assuming your marketing and business plans will work in a certain way? Prepare to be enlightened.

  3. Multiple channels:

    You may not like this, but if you're relying on a single paid channel and you don't have complete control over it then you're heading towards a cliff. At some stage the price is going to skyrocket, competitors are going to flood it, the rules will change or your prospects might stop using it. We have seen it all. If you want predictable and sustained growth you need to have a mix of effective marketing channels and you need to be able to move focus and budget around as needed.

  4. Emails:

    59% of B2B marketers rate email as their number one channel. If you have a decent database and your prospects and clients use email, I'll go so far as to say it's likely it will work for you. Working might mean generating revenue, it might mean growing brand awareness or customer loyalty and for some, it's all about reliably generating leads. If you don't have a solid email database then think about how you can start building an effective one right now.

  5. Joining a conversation (and not starting a new one):

    You know what your prospects care about? Themselves and their problems. They generally don't care about you and they generally don't care about what you have to offer if you're relying on a 'features' list to tell the story. The conversation going on in their mind is likely around solving a problem and generating value for themselves. You can win if you effectively tap into these existing conversations. On the flip side, generating a positive ROI is going to be that much less likely if you try to start a new conversation.

  6. Landing pages:

    There is a strong connection between large amounts of choice and our inability to make a decision (search 'Paradox of Choice' if you don't believe me). When you send your prospects to your website they might see something they really like. But if they look for long enough they'll also see things that might change their mind or just slow down their desire to take an action. We often see significant growth in a campaign when we take visitors to a dedicated landing page with just enough information to trigger an action but with very few choices or options.

  7. Specificity:

    As marketers and business owners, we're often too scared to take a very tight and specific message to the market. What about all the people who will inevitably fall outside of this message? This thinking results in general and often bland campaigns which stand for nothing. By trying to be all things to all people we very often run the risk of being irrelevant to everyone. If you want to increase the success of your campaigns, find a very specific piece of value you represent for a specific persona and focus very tightly on it. Chances are it will seriously outperform your bland campaigns.

  8. Focussing on meaningful metrics:

    If you want fast and sustainable growth you need to focus on a small number of metrics which you know will get you there. For most people, this is not likes, time on site, bounce rate, impressions or even cost per click. It's connecting marketing actions with real revenue. What are the metrics you need to focus on that you know will increase your revenue?

  9. The right message:

    The best design, brilliant campaign setup, beautiful words and endless budgets will mean nothing if they are coupled with the wrong message. The offer you are making to your prospects and the value they get from it have to come first. I cannot stress how critical this is. A great message can manage to perform with poor execution. A poor message will never be made great by execution.

Go back through this list and give yourself a score out of nine. How are you performing? More importantly, how are your competitors performing? If you had to pick one element you're currently not doing but know you should be, what would it be? Can you commit to implementing it in your marketing this month?

Do you need a hand with any of these 9 elements? Get in touch with a Rocket expert today and we'll gladly give you a hand.

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