by Harrison Cox on January 30, 2019 | Social Media Ads

You run a serious business, so should you even bother with the frivolous world of social media? Surely your customers are doing better things with their time, right?


Whether you like it or not - it's time to embrace and cultivate a strong brand presence on social media platforms in your digital marketing strategy. You'll be missing out on valuable customer interactions if you don't. Potential customers are turning to your social media profile for more information, you might as well utilise this real estate to encourage your target audience to purchase.

So how do you use social media to fulfil your business goals? Read on to find out my top tips!

Humanise Your Brand

Having a business presence on social media allows you to break down the barriers between you and your customers.

Responding to comments & engaging with users elevates your brand from an intangible entity to an actual participant in daily conversation. Don't be afraid to use humour where appropriate to give your social media audience a laugh! Some of the best social media interactions often come from witty brand responses to customer comments. Check out some of the banter from supermarket giant Woolworths below.

Woolworths on social media

If humour isn't appropriate for your brand's tone of voice, try investigating a conversation by encouraging users to comment. Simple CTA's that are easy to action work best here, see the below example from TripAdvisor.

Fast & Effective Customer Support

People expect customer support to be readily available and will actively seek out a brand on social media to see how quickly they can respond to their queries.

If a customer seeks your brand out on social with a negative comment or review, the worst thing you can do is leave it un-unanswered. Even if you don't have an answer to their issue, follow up with a timely response that lets them know you are working on finding an answer.

The Harvard Business review analysed how responding to customer feedback on social media impacted purchase behaviour - and unsurprisingly faster response times have a huge influence on future customer behaviour.

Customers who receive responses on social would be willing to spend more with the brand for a later purchase, even if their initial communication was a complaint! If they got a response within the first 5 minutes of posting a question, they were likely to spend nearly 10x more than if their query was answered after more than an hour.

Leverage Powerful Audiences For Your Facebook Business Manager

Exhausted your customer list? Not getting any results from retargeting website visitors? Tapping into your highly engaged social media audiences could be the trick that turns your next Facebook campaign into a winner.

Every person that engages with your business pages on Facebook & Instagram is essentially added to a remarketing list using the Facebook pixel. In your Facebook Business Manager, you can create custom & lookalike audiences based on page engagement, video watch time, and even users on social media who have taken a sequence of actions across multiple posts!

There is a surprising amount of depth to these audiences & the targeting options associated with them. Your highly engaged users on social are familiar with your brand and more susceptible to bottom of the funnel style offers, so don't forget to reach out to them.

The more people that engage with your brand on social, the more valuable this audience becomes!

Ultimately staying top of mind (and at the top of social newsfeeds) can help you achieve more than just a sizeable amount of page likes.

If you need help formulating social media strategy for your business, complete with approaches to both organic and paid social, contact us at Rocket to find out how we can help.

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