by Ally Lester on October 26, 2020 | Rocket News

On a sunny Thursday afternoon in October, digital marketing agencies and in-house teams across the country gathered around their screens to attend the virtual 2020 SEMrush AU Search Awards.

With 9 award nominations in 7 categories, Rocket was thrilled to take home the Best Integrated Campaign award for the cross-platform strategy that allowed Mirvac to launch Mirvac’s LIV community-living platform in Australia.

Customer-centric integrated campaigns aim to create a seamless experience for audiences - having all marketing channels work together to deliver a consistent message. They also allow the optimisation of marketing spend, where budgets can be redirected depending on the most effective approaches.

“This particular campaign was an excellent one, with clear use of strategy and a creative approach across all touchpoints," said award presenter Adam Orchard, SEO and Grocery Content Innovation Lead at Woolworths. “A particular highlight was the focus on channel optimisation.”


Launching The Build-to-Rent Revolution

Mirvac’s LIV Indigo in Sydney Olympic Park is Australia's first large-scale development based on the build-to-rent housing model: where the building has one owner and offers long-term leasing options to tenants. The benefits include stability, flexibility, community amenities and a new home where pets, painting and artwork-hanging are encouraged.

The objective was not only to share LIV’s many lifestyle benefits but also to build awareness and understanding around the build-to-rent model itself. As the marketing agency, we worked alongside branding agency Chello to build both a brand and new category in a matter of months – all during a global pandemic and rental downturn.

The integrated campaign aimed to establish awareness through paid traffic, and then to nurture organic traffic as word got out about LIV’s build-to-rent benefits.

Given the target audience’s age and lifestyle habits we engaged them via the channels where they search, socialise, watch and listen:

  • Google Display
  • Google Search
  • Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds, carousels, Marketplace and Stories
  • Spotify
  • YouTube 


Because LIV was a fresh new brand, all direct and organic traffic – and conversions – have been a direct result of carefully executed awareness and lead generation strategies. Mirvac has seen skyrocketing figures in terms of new website visitors since January and an amazing 720% growth in paid conversions month-on-month. Ultimately, Rocket’s collaborative digital strategies and optimisation introduced LIV’s build-to-rent revolution to over half a million people in the target market this year alone.


Selling Custom Homes in a Challenging Market

Rocket’s integrated campaign for custom home builders Wincrest Bespoke also reached the SEMrush finalist shortlist. 

Wincrest Bespoke Facebook Ad

Since taking over all aspects of digital marketing for Wincrest in December 2019, Rocket has created and managed a strategy to reach prospects at every stage of their custom home journey. This encompasses:

  • A website refresh with updated messaging
  • SEO and content
  • Google Search and Display
  • Paid Social
  • Email marketing
  • New branded video assets, and
  • An improved CRM system to nurture leads.


One of the biggest change-management tasks Rocket implemented with Wincrest was a complete re-haul of their sales operations by the set-up, implementation and optimisation of HubSpot Marketing Pro and HubSpot CRM. The goal there was to enable a better and efficient lead management process, generate consistency in sales operations and to provide transparency to senior managers on the health of the sales pipeline. As the HubSpot agency, we knew that successful implementation would mean that the lead generation strategy could be supplemented with lead nurturing via email marketing.

Since the new strategy launched, Wincrest have not only seen a reduction in CPL, bounce rates, and Google Ads spend - they’ve seen an increase in conversions that they can now directly correlate to Google Ads and Facebook.

Wincrest have since launched ads on Pinterest with our team with a view to dominate the luxury custom home space on the Eastern seaboard.

Just as with Wincrest Bespoke’s custom homes, there’s something to be said for an integrated strategy created with care and attention.


At Rocket, we’re all about the challenges and benefits of integrated marketing strategies. If you’re looking to implement a cross-platform marketing solution, integrate your current campaigns or even outsource the entirety of your digital marketing team, talk to us here at Rocket on 1300 059 620 or send us a message today.

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