by Stephen Mumford on April 10, 2017 | Case Studies Google Ads

Remarkable Results With Remarketing

Remarketing or retargeting is one of the most essential and cost effective tools within the digital marketers toolkit. If you're not using retargeting, then you are missing out on leads. It's as simple as that. Watch as Senior Consultant, Stephen Mumford shares insights on why you can't afford to not be using remarketing as part of your digital strategy.



Video Transcription:

So in digital lead generation, the name of the game is driving, recycling, and converting traffic. And that second component, recycling, is where remarketing plays such a major role. There's nothing new about remarketing, it has been around for a number of years. But like many things in the space, the strategic approach is what's required nowadays to get best results in terms of conversions, and of course, reducing the cost per lead.
Remarketing needs to be targeted, segmented, personalized across device, and of course, across various platforms to really be effective. But why would we be doing it? Whatever your view of remarketing, it's a no-brainer. The cost per conversion reduces, the number of conversions tend to increase, and of course, we know in this day and age people are not making immediate decisions. They're likely to be comparing two or three different providers before deciding to engage with you, and reach out, and contact you.


So when we look at "Remarketing", we look at it very strategically. The questions we ask are about the buyer journey. For example, how long are people hot for? Are they making decisions in a number of days? Is the journey six months, six weeks? What should the remarketing workflow look like? If it is 3 days or 72 hours, the messaging needs to change according to the direction that people move in and the information they engage with, so different pages, different services, different products, different remarketing creative that speaks to that. You can't have one generic piece of advertising and expect that to drive repeat visits and lead quality. Rinse and repeat your audiences. After 72 hours for example, you've exhausted that audience, you need to start again. And the creative needs to be refreshed really regularly to be truly effective. We love remarketing, it's part of our plans more than it isn't. And the results prove again and again that it's an effective part of the true lead generation strategy.

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