by Sachin Rajah on November 16, 2018 | Case Studies

Over the past 3 years, Rocket has worked with Plus Fitness to generate higher quantity (and quality) leads through digital channels. The results below represent the gains made in the first 6 months of the campaign.

Case Study - Plus Fitness

58% Increase in conversions
3.6 Million remarketing impressions
696 Increased organic keyword positions

Plus Fitness engaged Rocket in June 2016 with a focus on remarketing through Facebook and the Google Display Network.

Over the initial 3 month engagement, Plus Fitness ads were viewed almost 3.6 million times. The split was roughly 55% Facebook and 45% Google Display Network.

These impressions resulted in 8,381 visits to the Plus Fitness website. In turn, these visits led to 3,461 conversions (membership sign-ups, requests for contact etc.)

Campaign Summary

  • The remarketing engagement has been a hugely cost effective and targeted way of increasing brand awareness through views. The cost per lead has been equally impressive when compared to other forms of advertising for Plus Fitness.
  • Following on from the successful three month remarketing project, Plus Fitness engaged Rocket to implement a full digital marketing strategy with the aim to grow brand presence as well as increase leads via digital channels.
  • Two months into the larger campaign, we have already seen an increase in the rankings of 696 keywords for highly sought after non-branded searches.


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