by David Roberts on May 18, 2018 | Agency News

Rolled out in Beta format earlier this month, Google has released a nifty new feature for PPC Techs – Responsive Search Ads.

The product release formulates another piece of Google’s ambition to shift campaign optimisation further into the realm of machine learning.

Google AdWords Responsive Search Ads will allow advertisers to upload up to fifteen headlines and four descriptions to each advert. Google’s machine learning algorithm will then trial varying ad combinations to find the best performing formulae. This will effectively reduce the need to run manual A/B split tests and offer a greater number of variations to test with. However, techs will need to consider all the possible combinations to ensure they ultimately make sense!



As a further initial incentive for advertisers to take up the technology, Google is also offering additional advertising space. There will be the opportunity to leverage up to 90 characters in your ETAs (Expanded Text Ads) as opposed to 80 currently. Like with the initial release of regular ETAs, it is likely the larger ad format could increase click-through-rates, which is a great reason in itself to trial them.

For advertisers with industry regulations or a core message which needs to be shown, there is also an option to ‘Pin’ a headline, preventing other headlines from appearing in its space.

Whilst only available for some advertisers at this stage, Responsive text Ads will likely be rolled out platform-wide by end of the year it is thought.

Do you need a hand setting up your PPC campaign and integrating the Responsive Search Ads? Get in contact with the PPC specialists today, they’d be happy to help!

David Roberts

David’s been around at Rocket for years and completes everything from marketing and social media strategy to handling many of our biggest accounts. Before joining Rocket in the web consultancy team of the early days, David worked as a buyer’s agent for a property development company. Before that he worked in the music industry, managing digital strategy and was one of the first YouTube partners back in the day. He even launched a worldwide music social network site that partnered with major record labels.

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