by David Lawrence on August 11, 2020 | Digital Marketing Strategy Rocket News

To state the obvious, and unless you are doing something exceptional, your marketing campaign is probably performing about as well as your industry in general is travelling right now.

Across all clients in our marketing agency in Sydney, we’ve got businesses whose revenue is up and their marketing is on fire. There are those where we are having to work a whole lot harder to hit their marketing targets for the year. And there are those for whom marketing is very tough and generating revenue for the here-and-now is incredibly challenging.

But for most, there are opportunities. And many of these come from understanding how life has changed for their key personas.


I’m going to use Rocket’s own marketing as an example.

We work with marketing personas in a very competitive space. When you’re looking for a marketing agency there are a huge number of choices. Large agencies. Small agencies. Full-service or specialist agencies. Independent agencies and those who are part of larger organisations. In our experience, most clients end up choosing an agency located close to their own office so they feel more in control of the experience.

We’re located in Sydney and historically, we have directed most of our advertising budget at businesses in Sydney. We know through experiments that we could attract visitors from around the country, and even generate leads nationwide. But things have often fallen over at the last hurdle when the prospect has decided to go with an agency they can visit in person no matter how much they liked what we were offering.

I get it, many of our own service providers are in Sydney (even though we rarely ever meet in person).


Enter... working from home.

And then the world changed. Suddenly our key personas (in-house marketers, senior managers and business owners) found themselves for the most part working from home. More importantly, they were no longer able to physically meet the marketing agencies they were considering doing business with. Even if they were located just around the corner.

Early on we hypothesised that this could represent a significant opportunity for Rocket. 

Even if our potential market in Sydney had shrunk as marketing budgets were cut, our overall potential market could in fact grow considerably if we were able to attract businesses nationwide.

To test this we broadened our ads and our content distribution to see if by targeting audiences outside of Sydney we could land new clients without ever meeting them face to face. 

We also looked across everything we did to ensure that our marketing, sales and client service experience was operating smoothly when it came to assuring people we would excel in a remote environment.

We set ourselves a goal of landing a certain number of new client deals outside of NSW without ever meeting them in person.

The early results are looking good. We’re already excited to be working with a listed company operating out of WA. We’ve also got a number of companies we’re close to getting on board who traditionally would not have been targeted by our marketing. 

It seems that long-held concerns around location simply do not exist as they once did for our clients. 


What’s the marketing lesson here?

Even if your industry has been hit hard, there are always options. And they start and end with your key personas. What problems do they have that you can solve in a way that creates value? 

What objections to using your product or service might have disappeared or changed as the year has progressed?

For many clients, the right message, at the right time in the right place has changed and the answer, as always, rests with your prospects and your customers. What assumptions are you holding on to which left the building as we all started setting up our home offices and figuring out how to get the most out of Zoom?

We’re experts at connecting our clients with their perfect customers. We’ve done it for dozens of businesses this year and if you think we might have something to add to your marketing, then let’s talk!

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