by David Lawrence on January 17, 2019 | Digital Marketing Resources Digital Marketing Strategy

Buyer Persona Grid Template

Determine your key buyer personas and develop a better understanding of what will motivate them to engage with you.

For each of your buyer groups, complete the fields in this template. Every time you write new copy, change your website, or launch a new campaign, refer back to this grid. Is the action you’re about to take likely to motivate or turn off your main buyer groups? If it’s likely to have no impact, then move on and find something that will move the needle. We all have finite resources, so we need to use them wisely.

Detailed Buyer Persona Template

With the Detailed Buyer Persona template, you go into more detail for each specific persona. We typically go through this process after we have already identified key prospect groups using the Buyer Persona Grid process.

This approach goes to an extra level in humanising the prospect and it provides you with additional information about who the prospect is. Don’t be afraid to adapt this grid to your requirements.

Features v Benefits Template

Features have their place in your copy. They are an excellent way of giving specifics detailing what your offering is or what it does. A campaign focussed on a list of features though can leave prospects with the tough job of trying to figure out exactly what a series of features would mean for them in their actual lives.

This is where benefits come in. Benefits tell your prospects exactly what’s in it for them. You want to tell a story showing exactly where the value exists for someone who uses your product or service.

This template provides a simple framework for separating out your benefits from your features.

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