by Stephen Mumford on April 11, 2017 | Digital Marketing Resources Digital Marketing Strategy

Enhance Your Marketing With Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is more than just a buzz word. It has helped thousands and thousands of businesses achieve online success by transforming the way we think about marketing with more strategic and targeted communications reaching the right people at the right time. It has helped us at Rocket grow our own business and has the potential to help you grow your business too.

Watch this short video by Senior Consultant, Stephen Mumford shares insights on how to maximise your marketing efforts with marketing automation.

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Video Transcription:

So a term you’ll hear more and more of now is marketing automation. What is it? Well, the world we live in now has changed, we talk a lot about how the balance of power has really shifted, so now we need to market more with a magnet rather than a sledge hammer. That’s marketing automation and the systems that are in the market now to help support that. It’s the notion of working with individuals, clients, contacts, prospects and communicating with them in a way that is relevant and timely to their stage in the buyer journey, or their stage in their relationship with you.

There are systems that help underpin this and they save time for things that would traditionally have taken marketing teams hours and hours to achieve. They can be done quite quickly and automated - hence the term. Systems like HubSpot, Campaign Monitor, Pardot and others that are out there now and accessible to the mid-market to enable midsize business to really improve and become more sophisticated in the way that they engage with contacts, their prospects, their clients. Their database becomes more than just a CRM and the IP that they then have is the ability to then effectively generate more leads and re-engage prospects by sending them stuff that’s relevant to them, that’s sophisticated enough to re-engage them, and that’s where email really is key. Because email is one of the main drivers of marketing automation.

So, set up a workflow for someone that’s just visited your website and demonstrated interest, create good content in that email, track what’s being engaged with, and then your teams in sales have obviously the right timing to be able to actually re-engage that prospect and pick up the phone to contact them. We know that in business timing is everything.

So, marketing automation is great, the content in there does need to be segmented and targeted and relevant, and so what we find is that marketing automation really goes hand in hand with a really well thought through content marketing strategy. Those two things come together, you’re well on the way to increasing the quality and quantity of leads for your business.

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