by Stephen Mumford on September 12, 2017 | Google Ads

Have you wondered what it takes to make the most if your AdWords campaigns? Senior Consultant, Stephen Mumford, talks us through the fundamentals of AdWords and what you can do for your business to make the most of the campaigns you have running.

Video Transcription:

So let's have a quick look today at AdWords because we spend hours talking about this topic. There's no doubt that in any strategy AdWords remains one of the core channels that enables you to put your business or service in front of people that are actively looking for what you do and have commercial intent, which is why it's such a viable channel to consider. It's an ingenious system, the cost per click bidding system that Google devised, but, of course, like anything, it's getting more competitive.

The cost per click is rising and you've got to be very forensic and detailed about the way you approach your campaign because it is very easy to haemorrhage and bleed media spent to Google on a campaign that's not tightly structured. Which brings me to my first point. When we look at campaigns and we're doing audits of campaigns that we inherit when we go into a client's Google's account, their AdWords account, we see what's already there. One of the first things we look at is how granular is the campaign? How many ad groups and separate ads have been structured around the different products and services that that client has?

All too often we see kind of the lazy approach to ads where you're trying to cover more than one product or service in one ad. That means you've got, you know, a variety of different keywords all under the same ad and you're probably taking people to pages or links that are not especially relevant. You want to be looking at relevance wherever you can, so create the ad copy. The ad copy should be on point, relevant to that keyword that you're targeting and the service should be relevant to that particular ad and copy that you're writing about, and take people to a relevant destination. Do that and you're able to separate off other keywords into other ad structures and, ultimately, reduce the cost per lead and the cost per click that you are targeting for those keywords. Equally, keep your branded terms separate. You don't want them to get mixed up in a phrase or other bidding terms that we're targeting. We want branded terms to be set on exact match. After six weeks or more of a campaign, you should have really good data on other terms that are converting from within your phrase or broad match terms. Take them out and create them as exact match terms.

Again, it will save you money in terms of the cost per click and ultimately the cost per lead and conversion. Other things we often see is the bidding strategy. We look very carefully at where the conversions are coming from and more specifically what time of day those conversions are coming. When good data becomes available you should look to ensure that you're potentially having a more aggressive bidding strategy the times of day or days of the week where you're getting more conversions. Save budget for other days and don't be as aggressive.

Similarly, very often, we see good keywords that are the top converting terms often are missing impression share. That is, they're not showing or your ads are not showing for those terms and you're losing out on opportunities potentially because your budget has expired in which case you might need to move more budget to those particular terms. Or your bidding strategy is letting you down because you're not being aggressive enough for certain terms and hence missing the top spots in those ad positions. When you find the money terms that are converting you want to make sure that you're always bidding aggressively enough to make sure that you're as there as often as possible and converting. These are just a few things to consider in AdWords strategy.

You should have a bidding strategy that takes into account the conversions you're getting from mobile which may differ very well from desktop. There's a lot to take on which is why clients tend to have professional help now on AdWords campaigns. It's a major part of what we do here at Rocket.

At Rocket, we love helping our clients take their digital marketing campaigns to the next level, so if you think you need help with your AdWords Campaigns get in touch with the team at Rocket today.

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