by Ben Bywater on February 14, 2017 | Google Ads

The 31st of January marked the extinction of regular text ads within AdWords. Google has opted to move to have all new ads to be created and displayed as Expanded Text Ads (ETA). So, what does this mean for advertisers? Google is now recommending all of your existing ads to be moved across to ETA.

If you are currently running standard text ads, these will continue to serve alongside the new ETAs, but you will no longer able to be create or edit any new or existing standard text ads. You will still be able to pause and enable these ads, however we strongly recommend transitioning all your text ads to ETA formats.


What are ETAs?

Over the last six months, standard text ads have been filtered out by Google to adopt to a more universal ad with more prominence across all devices. Extended Text Ads provide 47% more character space. This has provided a more prominent display on Mobile Devices and has proven to have an array of benefits including:

  • Increased CTR
  • Increased Ad Quality Score
  • Decreased Cost-Per-Click
  • Higher Ad Rank
  • Higher Impression Share




As shown in the comparisons above:

  • ETAs use Two Headlines
  • URL Paths helps advertisers with long domain names to incorporate URL Paths in their title and include more buzzwords to boost that quality score
  • Description is 80 Characters long, allowing advertisers to provide more Offers & Call-to-Actions.

If you are looking to transition to ETAs, it’s important to know that Google has recommended not to “Pause” standard text ads if you are only beginning to implement ETA’s as there is still some merit in the historical data of those ads. You should only “Pause” or “Remove” ads once your new ETA’s have generated traction and data of their own.


So what's next?

Planning to move your text ads to ETA’s and want to save some time, there are scripts available to help you convert them over, courtesy of Google Developers.

Need help with your AdWords management or unhappy with your current AdWords results? We’re here to help so call us on 02 8310 2393 or send us a message any time.

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