by Britt Smith on March 10, 2021 | Social Media Ads

Organic reach is shrinking on social media platforms, but organic social media posts can still play an important role in your digital marketing strategy.

Organic social is any type of social media activity (posts, stories etc) without any paid promotions.

“I’ve got 10,000 followers on Facebook and another 7000 followers on LinkedIn on my Company Page - why should I bother with paid social ads? Is organic social media dead?”

Change those numbers around and many businesses ask us similar questions about maintaining an organic social media content calendar and if it has any benefits.

The short answer is that organic social can still play an important role in your digital marketing strategy, although there is no denying that organic reach is shrinking on social media platforms.

Screenshot: PerformHR regularly posts on LinkedIn
Perform HR posts regularly on LinkedIn with content appealing to their ideal clients.

Take for example, Facebook - with the latest Facebook algorithms prioritising personal content, page posts might only reach around 5% of your followers. So if you had 10,000 followers, your post is likely going to show up on the newsfeed of just 500 people. If 5% of those end up taking action from your post, you’re going to end up with just 25 people that have engaged with your content.

LinkedIn suffers the same problem with organic reach, although the professional audience means that engagement and conversion stats skew higher.

What we can take from this is that social media is no longer a platform just about content and conversations. It’s a channel that businesses leverage for customer acquisition, remarketing and engaging their target audience into loyal and returning customers.

Think of organic social as part of an integrated social media strategy that leverages multiple channels and a mix of content to drive results.

Screenshot: An Instagram post from Let's Rent
An organic Instagram post from Let's Rent showcases a great review.

Organic will never drive the same results as paid, so you need to stop measuring them on the same metrics. Both organic and paid social media activity demand different objectives and tactics to deliver success. One thing for sure, both require you to invest resources. That means you or your social media marketing agency need to spend time researching where your audience is to decide what platform you should use and how you will roll out content. Once you establish your objectives, you can plan the resources to implement your action plan.

Regardless of going organic or paid, having a professional-looking and up-to-date profile page as a home base is important.

...But you want to know the best thing about organic social media for businesses? It's free!

Screenshot: An organic Facebook post by LIV
LIV uses their Facebook page to showcase the personality behind the brand.

Using free tools to build a community and engage with them is a great way to leverage each social media platform, without putting pressure on your media budget. It will always help to keep an organic presence - regularly sharing blogs, client stories, and relevant news shows that your business is active and informed.

For B2B businesses that are less reliant on organic social to increase leads and sales, we recommend you set a schedule for posting - even once a week or twice a month - and maintain consistency for your brand.

Brands can still use organic social media to:

  •         Establish their personality and voice
  •         Build relationships with their audience
  •         Engage their customers throughout the buyer journey
  •         Support their customers with customer service queries


So, how do you get the most out of your organic social strategy? 

  •         Optimise your social profiles on each platform
  •         Use hashtags to engage improve chances of your post being seen
  •         Make sure your content is fit for the channel
  •         Engage with your followers with polls, questions, or quizzes
  •         Join, contribute or create groups / closed communities


What’s the biggest takeaway from this article?

 Organic social isn't dead and still plays an important role for brands building their communities and authentically engaging with their audience. Having an integrated social media strategy for your business with the right weightage given to organic social is essential to building your brand, driving leads and running campaigns in 2021.

If you are not sure where to start with your social media marketing strategy and would like experts from Rocket Agency to take a look, then get in touch with us on 1300 059 620. We’d be happy to help! 


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