NEWS FLASH: Instagram Rolling Out New Payment and Booking Features

In a not so widely announced rollout last week, Instagram released a native payment feature to a restricted number of users and partners in the U.S.

This new product release is designed to keep ‘Grammers within the carefully curated image ecosystem of the platform, whilst offering the opportunity to book tickets, buy goods and make reservations with the millions of brands advertising there.

With over two hundred million daily users viewing an Instagram business profile every day and 150 million users per month direct messaging a business, the potential for a slick online purchase experience with these customers is exponential.

Users will be able to setup their credit card with a pin within their profile settings and send payments without ever leaving the App.



Along with native payments, Instagram officially announced new ‘Action Buttons’ to help users further Interact with businesses. Action buttons assist in making reservations, getting tickets and making orders. For now, Instagram has stated they are working with the following partners;

Acuity, Atom Tickets, Booksy, ChowNow, Eatstreet, Eventbrite, Fandango, GrubHub, MyTime, OpenTable, Reserve, Restorando, Resy, SevenRooms, StyleSeat, Tock and Yelp Reservations—all available now.

And coming soon: Appointy, Genbook, LaFourchette, MINDBODY, Schedulicity, SetMore, Shedul and Vagaro.



With Instagram’s ability to filter, scroll and search images of anything in the world – how many ‘one click’ purchases can you see yourself making?

Do you need help optimising your businesses Instagram account to generate more leads through the new native payment feature? Get in contact today – we’re here to help!

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