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The problem

Online ticket sales were in need of a boost.

When it comes to fun and games (pun intended), there's no place more iconic than Sydney's Luna Park. For years, the company possessed and played off a well-established brand presence, but their internal marketing team recognised the industry was changing rapidly, and it was no laughing matter. For the modern consumer, it's not enough to be presented with information. Unlike traditional print marketing which goes from the company to the consumer, digital is a two-way street. Your customers expect to have a conversation and they expect to be engaged. So, what was Luna Park's solution? To improve their digital footprint by speaking to their audience in a more personalised, engaging and timely manner with the end goal of increasing revenue by 30% YoY.

The discovery

Through our preliminary account audit, we dug deep into historical PPC campaign data for the same time period going back 3 years. That's a lot of data! We immediately uncovered a number of areas of improvement and leakage which seemed to continuously seep through over the years:

"As a marketing team, we're quite hands-on and like to get involved as much as possible. Partnering with Rocket was an obvious choice, as they welcome the involvement rather than seeing us as a burden" - Brendan Biddell, Marketing Manager, Luna Park Sydney.

The Strategy

Once we discovered the issues, we performed a top-to-bottom overhaul and some of the steps we undertook  to achieve an increase in revenue of 1, 661.03% are as follows:

We conducted a tracking audit and rectified errors in the setup. We now had clean and accurate data feeding through adwords. As a result, we could then optimise campaigns towards actual revenue and ticket sales.

With more competitors bidding on brand in 2018, we had opted to leverage Google’s automated bidding strategy targeting position #1 ranking across branded search.

The Winterfest campaign started prior to school holidays and ran throughout. We therefore had to ensure campaign budgets and bids were adjusted daily to meet changes in demand but also ensuring certain revenue levels were met to justify those increases. We were able to achieve this through coding automatic rules.

Using broad match negative keywords correctly to block a high amount of irrelevant search queries.

Utilised ad extensions correctly providing more (and relevant) information to help improve CTR and quality of traffic.

We took a data-driven, scientific approach to devising the right segments and audience flow across each channel (Search, RLSA, Display, Remarketing and Youtube) to ensure our audience saw relevant and timely messages.

We took segmentation a step further with our remarketing by creating time cohorts allowing us to bid and manage budget more effectively and efficiently.

We conducted a detailed keyword research analysis combing account historical data where our SEO and PPC techs collaborated to find profitable segments. This keyword research was then leveraged across custom-intent audiences through the Google Display Network and Youtube.

Our bidding and campaign budget allocation remained fluid throughout. These allocations were adjusted on the fly ensuring revenue driving campaigns were not limited by budget.

Combining account historical data, past customer data rips and market research, we devised new audiences definitions across the Google Display Network and Youtube.

Further to our audience segmentation, we then held an internal creative workshop to map persona triggers and pain points. This was then incorporated across specific audiences ensuring relevancy at its core.

We conducted A/B tests of various Youtube Trueview for action ads and found relatively early in the campaign that our TVC outperformed the 15 seconds ad. CPV of TVC = $0.04 | CPV of 15sec = $0.08. We then scaled the TVC 30 second ad.

The results?

Through careful calculation and robust optimisation, Luna Park's Winterfest was an absolute success with big crowds and an even bigger revenue.

1,661.03% increase in Google Ads Revenue

Luna Park results

54.98% increase in total website revenue

Luna Park website results

610% increase in Search campaign CTR. This represents an increase from 3.93% to 27.92%.

Luna Park Search CTR

"Anyone working in the entertainment industry would know that there are countless external factors that can influence a campaign - it's not a matter of if, more so a matter of when. Rocket are proactive which enables them to be reactive when needed the most" - Brendan Biddell, Marketing Manager, Luna Park Sydney.

Some of the creative used in the Winterfest campaign 2018

A final word

The success of the Luna Park Winterfest campaign was greatly due to the in-depth discovery process. This allowed us to not only perfect our technical strategy but also optimise our messaging across multiple touchpoints to various audiences at different times. Much like a spider's web, this meant we were able to tweak different strands of communication to achieve the desired effect. Furthermore, having this oversight across all areas meant we were able to properly understand and measure ROI accurately to make data-driven decisions and scale appropriately.

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