by Ekaterina Elliott on September 13, 2018 | Digital Marketing Resources Social Media Ads

Social media is like a suave black cat. Fascinating and completely friendly if you’re nice to it… But cross its path the wrong way and you get bad luck. It’s no secret social media can heighten and enhance your brands voice and reputation… It can also alienate your audience if you’re doing it wrong, causing way more damage than good. You absolutely need to know exactly what you’re doing – both organically and in paid social – to succeed and get brand recognition (and ultimately sales). If you’re looking for the best way to make this kitty purr, you’ll want to consider getting an agency to look after your social presence.

It’s hard to know where to start though – and with so many agencies claiming to be social experts, how do you even pick? Below are 4 lifesaving considerations for when you’re finally ready to take social seriously, amplify your brand and engage an agency to run your social campaigns.

Swiss army knife or one trick pony?

There are agencies who only focus on social. Although this may sound like an obvious choice – why wouldn’t you pick an agency which ONLY specialises in social – it can mean they aren’t across all your other efforts and won’t count them into their strategy. For your marketing to work, everything needs to work together. It’s not enough to run single solo campaigns in one channel which have zero influence over your other channels. That’s like baking a cake with only flour and expecting it to rise. You need all the ingredients. So ask yourself;

  • What other channels can this agency help me with and how closely do I need to intertwine my social strategy with my PPC/eDM/offline efforts?
  • Does this agency have a solid understanding of general marketing strategy and how will this help them influence their social strategy for my business?
  • What specific results can I anticipate to see from social and what’s the flow on effect into other channels from these?
  • What are some examples of previous client work this agency has been able to execute across channels with great success + focus on social?

You need a holistic approach to social – it’s the only way to get it right. Ask your agency to integrate your social strategy with a suite of other channels suited to your buyer’s journey.

Heart on the sleeve and gusto in the voice – will they ‘get’ your brand and use your voice?

The cornerstone of social is voice. People are mindlessly scrolling through pics of enchiladas, their friends epic holidays and quickly multiplying families, so the last thing they need is a stiff voice insisting they buy your product/service. You absolutely need to make sure your agency gets your voice right on social media. Ask them questions like;

  • How will you ensure you get my brand voice right?
  • How will you research about what our target market is saying on social and the language they speak?
  • How will you cultivate an understanding of our niche and use it in your messaging?
  • How will you make sure you are creative and respectful to our brand and the social channel?
  • BONUS – ask for examples of past work so you can actually see a range of different voices coming across for different brands. This is how you know your agency ‘gets’ voice.

Preparation, process and performance – what will working with them look like?

Half the struggle with any marketing is actually setting it up – getting your audience, campaign objectives and tagging right is crucial to understanding whether a campaign is worth your time. You can only understand your ROI if everything is running smoothly and is measurable. A great agency will have a solid process of discovery to get the messaging just right, as well as a seamless process to get it up and running. Your agency should take care of all your social aspirations, including;

  • Copy
  • Design
  • Set up
  • Timely turnaround for campaigns
  • Ownership
  • Explaining metrics used and their significance

BONUS – ask them about the method they use to uncover your audience’s pain points and how they plan to work this into their strategy. This will show you that they not only get your target market but are planning to actually use their findings in the messaging.

How will you know if you’ve run a successful campaign?

It’s not enough to get likes, comments, shares and tags these days. Social can and does deliver solid results and progressive ROI. It’s all about how your agency will use available data and enhance your campaigns based on results coming in. You want to make sure your social agency is using;

  • Proactive analysis – daily monitoring and weekly reporting
  • Using latest technology and data – using the best platforms to optimize for results and making data-driven decisions
  • Long-term planning and quick wins – is this a flash sale or are you building your database of solid followers? Both tactics work separately but the better agency will have a plan for how to integrate both approaches
  • Reporting timely and making solid recommendations based on data

BONUS – hold them accountable and ask why they have chosen one way over the other. This ensures that your best interests are always in play and your campaigns are always optimized for best results.

Need a final way to weigh up some potential agencies? Download our agency comparison scorecard to really help with your decision, or give us a call on 02 8310 2393 for an obligation free chat – we are happy to help.

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