by Stephen Mumford on September 11, 2017 | Design, Writing and Video Digital Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing has proven time and time again to engage prospects and customers.

Want to get started with content marketing? Learn how to create high-quality content for your marketing efforts as Senior Consultant, Stephen Mumford guides you through a proven method to help understand what people are searching for and how you can become an educator and thought leader in the space by creating the right content for the right people at the right time.


Video Transcription:

We're going to look today at content creation as part of an SEO strategy or as part of a content marketing plan. We know how important quality content can be, but we also know that it's difficult. It's something that businesses struggle with in the work that we do. We hear all the time about how much content a business has, but what do we do with it? How do we create content that resonates with our audience by being engaging and relevant to the problems they're trying to solve online.

So what do you do about this? Well, I'll give you a few suggestions to get things started. First of all, take your most profitable keywords, punch them into Google, and have a look at the kind of content that's already ranking on that results page. Start to take notes of the themes that are coming through in that content. Go to forums, go to Reddit, go to Whirlpool, punch in the keywords again, see what people are talking about, look at the comments that are being made, take note of the themes that are recurring. Go to iTunes, have a look at podcasts that are being produced, have a listen to some, spend some time doing that. Go to YouTube, second biggest search engine. I guarantee there will be videos and content produced there. No matter how boring you think your industry is, people are creating content. Go to bookstores, go to Booktopia, Amazon, again, punch in those keywords and see what publications are already being written and see what contents are already been produced.

Sit down, have a look at all of that content, have a look at the themes that are recurring, and then start to look at the most commonly resonating bits of information that come out. What are people concerned about? What objections do they have? What threatens them? What motivates them? And go away, start to create your eBook, put together a video, put together a frequently asked questions document.

Create content, create articles that speak to those concerns, those motivations, those objections, and you start to position yourself as a trustworthy thought leader with quality content that ideally can be put onto your website that can be reused again and again, evergreen content that will serve you well for all purposes, will also give you an opportunity to re-evaluate the kind of contents on your website already and it will stand you in good stead long-term.

Hope that helps

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