by Andrew Zeng on February 8, 2019 | Design, Writing and Video Digital Marketing Strategy

Online video is the king of all digital formats.

A big claim I know, but with video traffic to account for 80% of all Internet traffic from 2019 onwards, it’s a title worth giving.

If there’s one thing you should be prioritising in your digital strategy moving forward, it’s most definitely video. Ensure your video funnel and content is up to scratch.

Unbounce reports that leads acquired through a video sales funnel generally tend to be higher quality leads with a higher chance of converting to paying customers.

Specifically, video marketers get 66 per cent more qualified leads per year according to Aberdeen.

How you should implement video into your marketing strategy is largely dependent on your vertical and product offering.

There are many variables you need to take into consideration to marry up your video content to a broader funnel and marketing strategy. I’ve listed below some of the variables you need to take into consideration before diving head first into a full video strategy.

creating a video marketing strategy

  • Personality & Story

Video is known to increase brand trust with your audience with leads 65 to 85% more likely to purchase from a small business after watching a video.

That’s huge.

A common mistake is the inclination to focus on the hard sell rather than the value add or telling a story. We can’t forget, video has a large role to play in increasing brand awareness.

Create a narrative and personality around your brand. These are the reasons why people will tune in time and time again. Not for your product or services, but for your brand and personality.

understanding video marketing

How do you achieve this?

You need to sit down and evaluate yourself as a brand. What exactly is your USP as a company, do you have a compelling story to share, what are your loyal customers saying about you?

Once these values are articulated, a content generation strategy should be created.

A string of videos will drive conversions rather than a single video.

The content generation strategy should tell a brand story and humanise a brand, usually through a single figure.


  • Video Structure

The way you structure the content within your video is an extremely important cornerstone to its virality and relevancy.

Your marketing videos must begin with a compelling hook.

This hook could be a gutsy statement or even promise. Whatever it is, it must capture the viewer's attention without giving away too much information.

The informational or entertainment value should always peak mid-way through the video. Encouraging viewers to continue watching the entire video.

The most engaged viewers will still be watching the video at this point and this is when you can add a CTA to push them through your sales funnel.

Finally, keep your video short and sweet.

Videos less than 90 seconds in length see an average retention rate of 59% as compared to videos over 30 minutes, which retain only 14% of viewers in comparison.

That being said, there’ll be video formats that require a longer viewing time, such as tutorials. The point is, keep all videos as concise as possible.

If done correctly, this will increase viewer watch time and greatly increase the chance of the video being shared and algorithmically suggested on video platforms such as YouTube.

Remember, the point isn’t to hard sell in each and every video you upload – this is probably the worst thing you can do.

Video is a great, cost-effective lead capture tool at the top of the funnel.

using video in marketing

  • Video Gear

Adding to the above, video gear isn’t imperative to the success of a video campaign but filming your campaign on an outdated iPhone can hamper the success of your campaigns.

No one wants to watch a long-form piece of video content with crackly audio and blurry visuals.

Be sure to incorporate the cost of a freelancer or video gear into the video marketing budget as it’ll pay dividends.

Best of all, the video assets created can always be repurposed into multiple pieces of content across various platforms from Instagram ads and posts to podcasts.


  • Paid Traffic Push

It’s not enough nowadays to completely rely on an organic traffic strategy.

Unless you’re willing to spend a bucket load of time building up a YouTube following and video views, then it’s probably most viable to put advertising dollars behind the videos.

You may indeed have a Hollywood-ready video(s) ready to go, but unless you have a strong funnel strategy in place to leverage your videos or YouTube’s algorithm decides to promote your video, then no one will pay attention.

Mapping your video to specific keywords you plan to target and bid for is also a great strategy.

By ensuring your high-quality video appears to a relevant audience and relevant searches, you can more easily pique the interest of viewers.

For instance, you could potentially capture an audience looking to move homes with a “how to best pack” tutorial video.

The value is in the tutorial itself, while the funnel begins at the CTA directing them to your website to learn more.

From there, depending on your full funnel, they could either purchase supporting services from you or an eBook for example.

Either way, a paid traffic push behind good content is a sure fire way to capture the attention of leads and nurture them.

All in all, video helps people stay on your website longer and remain engaged with your brand – so be sure you’re using it correctly!

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