by David Roberts on June 1, 2017 | Google Ads

Find out what Google is planning on doing next with insights from Google Marketing Next 2017.


Every May the folks over at Google invite agency partners to sit in on its Keynote event; Google Marketing Next 2017, so we can all hear about the new changes and products it plans to roll out over the year.

The Rocket team sat in again this year and can now report the most important changes that are coming your way.


1. New Interface for AdWords


One of the most immediate changes happening in the Google marketing ecosystem is an update to the AdWords UI. Many advertisers have already seen the update and if you have not, they are rolling it out to all accounts by December 2017.

Google has stated the new UI is based off 3 Core Design Principles

  • Data At Your Fingertips – “Help you surface insights so you can identify opportunities and take action”
  • Focus On Your Business – “Make it super easy to run and optimise campaigns based on your unique business needs”
  • Powerful, yet Simple – “More intuitive workflows and remove clutter so you can accomplish more in less time”

As to whether these core principles will reflect your own user experience, time will tell. My first impression has certainly been positive.


2. AdWords Search to get In-Market Audiences


If you are familiar with Google Display Ads, you’ll know there is a targeting functionality known as In-Market Audiences.

In-Market Audiences allows you to show Display advertisements to consumers who may already be researching similar services or products to your business on other websites. This same feature is now going to be rolled out for Google Search Ads.

It is hoped that this new level of targeting will allow search advertisers to show ads to potential consumers who are further down the buying funnel.

As an example, Google has an In-market audience for Autos & Vehicles. This is a grouping of consumers who are interested in the potential purchase of a motor vehicle. Google formulates this grouping based off:

  • The types of websites they may be browsing e.g.
  • The number of visits to these types of sites and the proximity of the visits.
  • Then number of clicks on relevant advertisements
  • Any conversions made from clicking on an advertisement.

With this new feature release, not only will you be able to show Display Ads to these groups, but now you can target Search Ads at them too. This has PPC Techs very excited.


3. AMP Ads extended to Google Display


Yet another acronym in the digital marketing world. AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages. This a Google project aimed at speeding up the world of mobile. Specifically, it is way of coding landing pages that helps them load much faster than standard pages. You can find out information here:

Google officially launched AMP specific Ads into its search results on February 24, 2016. At this year’s Google Next, they have now announced the same AMP methodology will be applied to Google Display Ads. Effectively meaning that in page Display Ads will load as fast as the page itself. Hopefully adding to the user experience and ultimately the click through rate of the advertisements.


4. Google Attribution


The final announcement and probably the biggest was the unveiling of a new product – Google Attribution. A new standalone (and free) product. In Google’s words “We have solved the problem of Attribution”. Anybody who has delved into the world of attribution modelling knows this is a big claim.

Google was fairly light on the actual details of the product. However they say it is a product which syncs with your AdWords, Double Click and Analytics accounts and uses Googles Machine Learning and Data Driven technology to provide accurate attribution models.

Many marketers will be keen to see how good this actually is. It could be a great product, or it may just be a way for Google to push the value of low-performing Display Ads! Time will tell.

If you're interested in learning about how these changes can benefit your business, feel free to get in touch on 02 8310 2393 or send us a message any time.


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