by Aseem Das on November 10, 2020 | Google Ads

B2B advertising on Google Ads can be a tough nut to crack. There are numerous challenges such as low search volume, long consideration and conversion cycles and the lack of well-defined audiences.

A silver lining is that these are challenges faced by your competitors as well, so in essence, it’s a relatively level playing field.

In a race to grab the next shiny item on the advertising shelf, we often find businesses who have forgotten to cover the basics, and are paying dearly for it. (If you need a recap - check out our eBook on 10 Proven Ways to Dominate Google Ads in 2020.)

So, today I am going to cover one such basic element of Google Ads - Ad Extensions.


Why should you use Ad Extensions?

Let’s see:

  • Ad extensions provide additional information about your business to users.
  • They provide additional opportunities for users to click if they are not ready to click on the main ad.
  • Sometimes they take up a bit of real estate on the search results page that pushes other ads further down.


How many ad extensions are there?

Now there are about 14 types of ad extensions available on Google Ads depending on what your account is eligible for, and this list is growing continuously. As the Google Ads agency for dozens of B2B businesses, we recommend that you implement these four ad extensions at a minimum.   


What are the best ad extensions?

1. Sitelinks

This is a no-brainer. B2B audiences tend to be more discerning and often want lots of information before making a decision. Often the person performing the search is not the decision-maker and needs information to take back to the actual decision-maker.

Sitelinks allow you to provide that information alongside your main ad. So a sitelink with its heading and description lines serves as an ad within an ad. 

Some ideas for where the sitelinks can go are your blog, FAQs page, pricing page or product pages.

2. Call Extensions

This is another straightforward one. I am always surprised when I see Google Ads accounts or landing pages without a phone number. 

As streamlined as an online form is, a phone call creates a personal connection with your business and in today’s text first age, represents a bit of a commitment from your end. Not to mention the fact that for the duration of the call, you have the user’s undivided attention.

In all fairness, there are some legitimate reasons for not including a phone number on your landing page, for eg. if you don’t have the resources to handle those calls appropriately or if most of the calls are from existing customers. If that’s not your situation, then you should be using a call extension.

3. Call-out Extensions

Call-outs are the simplest and easiest extension to implement. There is absolutely no excuse for not having these in your account. They are just short snappy pieces of text that don’t need a destination URL like sitelinks and don’t need a resource to handle phone calls like for call extensions.

Call-outs are a great way to ‘call out’ your USPs or offers. You can use them to remind users of your competitors’ weaknesses. You can also include some useful information that you weren’t able to include in your headlines or descriptions.

4. Location & Affiliate Location Extensions

If you have a physical business address that users can visit, then a Location Extension is non-negotiable. It is absolutely critical that you link your Google My Business listing to your Google Ads accounts so that your campaigns can display the location of your business. 

Although I’ve rolled Affiliate Location extensions into the same point, they are only relevant for businesses that sell through retailers. Affiliate Location extensions allow you to indicate the closest store where your product can be found. They are pretty easy to set up. Google already contains a list of all the prominent retail chains in your region, and you just have to go in and choose which chains you’d like to include in your ad.

What’s next?

Perform a thorough review of your Google Ads account to make sure critical elements have not been missed.

If you are not sure where to start, and would like the Google Ads experts from our digital marketing agency to take a look, then get in touch with us on 1300 059 620. We would be more than happy to help!


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