by Sachin Rajah on September 14, 2017 | Social Media Ads

Facebook Ads Manager Update: What Marketers Need To Know

On 12 September Facebook announced the merging of two of their advertising tools, Ads Manager and Power Editor. What changes can we expect from this major announcement?

First up, what’s the difference between the two?

Chances are you already use Ads Manager to create and manage your Facebook ad campaigns. You may be using Power Editor if you create bulk ads or campaigns and need some of the extra functionality that until now, hasn’t been available in Ads Manager. This transition will phase Power Editor completely out and bring all of its features over into Ads Manager.


What exactly does this mean?

If you're a Power Editor user you will simply notice the name change to Ads Manager at some point soon. If you’re an Ads Manager user, there will be two main new features to take advantage of: the quick creation workflow and draft reviews.

Feature 1: The ‘quick creation’ workflow for creating ads

There has always been a ‘guided creation’ workflow available in Ads Manager to take you through the set-up process step by step.



With the transition, the ‘quick creation’ option from Power Editor will now be available in Ads Manager to set up campaigns, ad elements and ad sets in whatever order you prefer. Facebook will remember which option you use most often, with the ability to switch to the other at any time you choose.

Feature 2: Autosave and the ability to review draft items

Autosaved drafts will be a long-awaited and welcome addition to Ads Manager, providing peace of mind while you’re fine-tuning campaign details. While in the past closing the window could lose your unsaved work, you’ll now have the option to save a draft or to exit without saving.

The original Ads Manager button


The new Ads Manager buttons


While changes will be automatically saved, you will need to review and publish these changes before they go live – as was already the case with Power Editor. Deleting an ad will require the same steps. If you forget about these unsaved changes, Facebook will remind you to review them.

Streamlined reporting

There was often some disparity between the reporting data between Ads Manager and Power Editor, but this will no longer be a problem with all information included within the new combined platform. You can now access trends and opportunities from the one place, making it easier than ever to understand your audiences and perfect the performance of your campaigns.

A Win-Win

It’s important to note that all functionality from both tools will be available in the reworked Ads Manager, so both experienced and beginner Facebook advertisers are likely to benefit from this more streamlined solution. Keep your eyes out for the transition, set to roll out from this week.

As always, if your business needs assistance with Facebook Advertising, feel free to get in touch on 02 8310 2393 or send us a message any time.

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