by Qiret Lane on September 11, 2018 | SEO

In a digital-first world, thinking ahead of the market gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors. That's even truer when the market you operate in is on a level playing field and finding that advantage to rise above your competition is key. Developing a strong SEO strategy can do this.

The cost of impressions, ads, clicks and so on is not on a downward trend – it never will be! Marketers must find novel and unique ways to get in front of their right audiences, at the right time. That is exactly what we did for one of our Jeweller Designer clients.

In early 2016, there were whispers of a change in legislation for the same-sex marriage act being passed. We rightly predicted that this would influence the jewellery market, specifically engagement and wedding jewellery. So, we created a specific SEO strategy to cater to this….

What did we do?

Firstly, we started by creating a bespoke landing page on the website, under the main navigation. This page focusses only on same-sex engagement and wedding rings – nothing else. Specificity is important on any page on any website but ever more so when trying to create SEO visibility for terms that are on the brink of being searched.

It goes without saying that any page needs SEO basics; optimised meta content, title tags, and headings.

Keyword strategy:

HubSpot claim that 80% of website traffic, starts with a search query!

As search volumes at that stage were low (and far less competitive), some assumptions had to be made. Use common sense when predicting what your ideal target audience will search when they start their search.

Think about search intent and where they are in the buyer journey; just looking for inspiration and information or do these potential prospects know what they want? Are they ready to speak to someone or are just browsing? It’s important to understand what their ‘problems’ are at every stage and provide them with ‘solutions’ and revisit this when the market starts to change.

Think about location – where are you based? Do you compete in a local area or nationwide? There is literally no point in trying to compete with the whole of Australia if you operate in one area.

Content first approach:

Have you heard of content is king before? Well, it is!

The reality is that nothing will rank for a search on a product or service until there is some relevant content on your site about it.

As well as creating optimised on-page content, it’s important to add wider topical content such as FAQ’s – anything that taps into the conversation already happening in your audience’s mind. Do not try to create new issues and solve them, but instead solve questions that are already being asked.


Content, content, content! That is the reoccurring theme here.

Especially in the early days, it’s important to create a content strategy that targets wider search queries. Ultimately, the goal here is to position yourself as an expert in the field and by doing so, you will be rewarded.

We dedicated 2 blogs a month purely focussing on same-sex marriage topics and have continued to do so ever since. New and regular content will build authority and Google will start to see that you’re adding value.

Do your research. Take the time to find out what your target market is interested in and talk to them about it. Be interesting and creative with what you write about, offer genuine value to the persona you are targeting. There are more tools out there than ever which give you a hand in figuring out what to talk about and what channels to share these blogs on. Here are just a few: Answer the Public, Buzzsumo and SEMrush’s content gap analysis tool.

How did we fare?

Maintaining and growing key terms is not an easy task – by doing the above, we have achieved strong visibility across key terms:

Using a combination of SEM and SEO tactics, we have built an SEO strategy that can withstand algorithm updates, growing competitors, and industry fluctuations.

A simple yet well thought out strategy will aid you in achieving more bang for your buck. Keeping ahead of the competition by analysing changes in your market and emerging trends will futureproof your business. It’s a highly competitive world out there and as marketers, we need to be increasingly strategic to stay abreast.

Need help in putting together a future-proof SEO strategy? Get in touch with a Rocket expert now and let us help you. Alternatively, book an obligation FREE consultation today!

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