by David Roberts on May 8, 2017 | Google Ads

The simple answer to this question is yes, you should use Bing Ads.

Depending on the source you refer to, it is now estimated that Bing has an approximate Search market share of 11% in Australia. So, if you are wanting to have complete visibility for your Paid Search campaigns, it is worth considering Bing ads as part of your SEM strategy.

Visibility aside, there are other interesting stats which make the Bing user audience appealing for many businesses. According to Microsoft, 81% of Bing users are over 35 years old and have high levels of household income and education levels. So, for businesses looking to attract a certain buyer persona usually with strong possibilities of commercial intent, the typical Bing user can often be more desirable than that of Google.

 bing ads user

According to comScore qSearch the typical Bing user also spends 44% more than Google searchers worldwide.

bing ads audience

Looking at this data alone it would make sense for a business not currently using Bing Ads, to at least portion a small percentage of media spend to test for channel viability.

It is also important to note that in many cases due to lesser competition the cost per click (CPC) can often be cheaper on the Bing Network.

Google vs Bing - Difference In Technology

If you have decided to incorporate Bing Ads into your marketing mix, what do you need to know? Firstly, the Bing Ads interface is very similar to the AdWords interface so you will likely feel comfortable using the software. As a first step to using Bing, many businesses will start with importing their existing AdWords campaigns into Bing. If you do this, there are a few key points you need check.

When you import your data from Google, Bing will not import:

  • Billing Information
  • Goals
  • Shared Budgets
  • Negative Keyword Lists
  • Remarketing Lists
  • Images for Ads
  • Data Feeds
  • Automated Rules

It is important you revise and optimise these items in the Bing interface before going live with a campaign.

Bing also has some additional functionality compared to AdWords when it comes to:

  • Ad Networking Targeting
  • Demographic-based bid modifiers
  • Device Bid Adjustments
  • Language Settings
  • Quality Score reporting
  • Ad Extensions

Make sure you use the full potential of the Bing Interface to get the most out of your campaign.

Of course, if you would like a professional to do this for you, you can speak to a Bing accredited partner to help out. We are proud to say that Rocket was the first Sydney based company to become a fully accredited Bing Partner, so we are happy to talk with you about expanding your SEM presence.

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