Australian Education: Protecting Your Brand In AdWords

1 in every 20 Australian Education provider has a competitor bidding on their brand name.


You may be currently running AdWords campaigns or perhaps you rely on organic search traffic, but have you ever thought about bidding on your own brand name as a keyword?

It is surprisingly common for a brand to bid on their competitors brand name. It doesn’t breach Google’s advertising guidelines as long as they don’t mention a competitors brand within the advert itself.

A simple way to combat this tactic is to set up your own branded ads within Adwords. The cost-per-click (CPC) is generally very low and will be cheaper for you as your relevancy score will be higher than any competitor bidding on the same branded term.



You can see in the example above that Open Universities is bidding on Macquarie University’s brand name and potentially syphoning a lot of traffic for a very low cost. Macquarie University should be using a defensive strategy to take the first listing and increase the amount of space they take up on the first page of Google for their branded term.


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