by Stephen Mumford on June 30, 2017 | State of Digital

The average Google page speed insights score is 56/100 within the Australian Education Sector.

The speed of your website pages and overall speed of your website is the difference between whether a visitor remains on your website of bounces off. Google has indicated that websites with slow loading pages would be penalised in their rankings and claims that 40% of visitors will leave a slow loading website. This is a huge problem. You have spent the time, effort and often money to get visitors to your website, but if your website is slow to load you will often lose these visitors and more often than not these visitors will convert with a competitor instead.

See how your website stacks up using Google’s page speed insights tool.


Google Page Speed Insights


So, how can you speed up your website?

There are many approaches you can take to speed up your website. The most common of these are as follows:

  • Enabling compression on your website
  • Minify CSS, Javascript and HTML
  • Reducing the number of redirects on your website
  • Leveraging browser caching
  • Improving server response times
  • Optimising your images for the web
  • Using a content distribution network (CDN)


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Stephen Mumford

You’ll probably know Stephen’s friendly face if you’re working with Rocket. He collaborates with new and existing clients, developing digital marketing strategies to grow their businesses and increase profitability. UK-born Stephen was educated at the University of Liverpool before moving to Australia in 1999. He has over 15 years of experience in technology, software, CRM and web marketing, and his up-to-the-minute knowledge is invaluable for both client ROI and our client seminars. He loves helping clients harness the opportunities that digital presents them with. Yep, he’s a proud Englishman, but we’ve adopted him as one of our own.
Stephen is a keen karaoke singer when the opportunity arises. He’s also an Instagram aficionado and would be happy to provide a few pointers on Snapchat filters next time you see him…

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