by Stephen Mumford on August 20, 2017 | Digital Marketing Resources

At some point, you will need to make a decision whether to hire an agency or to use internal resources.

It is an age-old debate, use an agency or hire in house. There are many arguments on why one is preferable over the other, but it all comes down to resourcing, expertise, and budgets. Each business is unique with different pain points and it is important for business owners and marketing managers to weigh up the options before making the decision that has the potential to radically transform their organisation.

Watch this short video by Senior Consultant, Stephen Mumford as he shares insights on the pros and cons of using an agency for your marketing.


Video Transcription:

A question which businesses often face at some point in their lifecycle is the notion of whether to hire an agency or whether to run their digital marketing strategy in-house. I don't think there's any right or wrong answer to that question for all different circumstances that arise. But I'm happy to look at some of the different considerations on each side of the argument. So let's look at in-house first. Well, before I get there, I'd say in 2017 recruiting is tricky. Whether you're going in-house or whether you're recruiting for an agency, we know finding good talent is difficult and it's challenging. But let's say you find the right person for your business, then you have somebody in place that can be dedicated Monday to Friday on your business, on your marketing strategy. You can communicate with them regularly, they can access the decision-makers in your business readily, and they can make decisions as they need to throughout the working week and beyond.

Of course, it's likely you're going to be looking at someone who's either got a specific skill set, specific expertise, or someone who's a generalist and has some understanding across digital. The specific skill set might be wonderful. You might get someone in there that is a fantastic AdWords professional, does a fantastic job of getting paid traffic to your website, and then in a few months find out that the website's not performing, not converting, and you're lacking expertise in solving that issue.

Hence, you're not getting the conversions you want, and you've got a gap there because you've put all your eggs in that one basket. So if you look at the agency model and try and look at the flipside of the equation, an agency model brings to you teams of people with expertise in each specific area. And that expertise can be deployed over months and years to different aspects of your campaign as needed. So it's a more flexible model in that sense. Arguably, there is more access to other options, other tactics, other strategies because the business is exposed within an agency to other campaigns, other clients, and that knowledge can be leveraged readily to bring new ideas to the table for your own campaign.

So again, there's no distinct right or wrong answer to that question. I think you need to look carefully at what your goals and objectives are if you are going in-house and the kind of people you need in the business. Often, you know, the model is a little bit of a mixture of both worlds, so with in-house expertise and marketing professionals working in with agencies, forming a happy balance between the two. Something to consider.

I hope that's been helpful. Look forward to talking to you again soon.

At Rocket, we love helping our clients take their digital marketing campaigns to the next level, so if you think you need help with your conversion rates get in touch with the team at Rocket today.

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