by Garry Viner on May 27, 2019 | Case Studies

4Cabling is Australia's leading direct-to-consumer manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of cabling, server racks and IT management accessories. Much of their amazing growth over the past 13 years is due to their early adoption of best-practice digital marketing techniques, but lately, performance had stalled and things that used to work well for them were no longer working. They approached Rocket to review their strategy, and optimise their account where necessary.


73% increase in ROI
85% increase in revenue
33% reduction in CPC

The Challenge

In an industry that had become increasingly competitive, it was not enough to hit previously acceptable revenue and ROI targets. For this engagement to be truly successful, we needed to hit targets that were challenging to say the least and completely incongruous with existing performance. It was clear that simple evolutionary improvements was not going to cut it, and if we were to hit these targets we would need to do something transformative. We started with a thorough audit of the entire account.


Revenue tracking was no longer working correctly and there were gaps in the correct recording of transactional data within Google Ads, meaning difficulties in optimising against revenue. Lack of structure around the separation of brand and non-brand terms, with budget allocation reflective of this.

A scattergun, rather than strategic, approach to bidding on search campaigns.

Shopping campaigns that were not taking advantage of the latest techniques within Google Ads.

Budgetary decisions did not make sense in terms of what was working and what was not working. This extended to the times that campaigns were running, as well as identifying money wasted on irrelevant search terms.

The CPCs paid by the client were unnecessarily high.


Rocket worked with our Shopping partners at Google to ensure that all shopping campaigns were optimised and automated where possible.

We provided advice to the client on how better to ensure that their merchant feed was optimised and how to make their listings stand out from competitors.

We embarked on a thorough rebuild of their search campaigns which involved:

  • researching search interest for key business areas
  • analysing historically converting search terms
  • retargeting existing customers with high lifetime value
  • incorporating messaging likely to appeal to their target personas
  • applying a campaign structure that maximises the ability to make sensible budgeting decisions
  • reviewing existing landing pages and ensuring that the right ad appears for the right searches, leading to the right products


In the three months since we started the rebuild, we have seen revenue increase by 85% on the previous period. To achieve this we spent 7% more, meaning an increase on ROI of 73%.

Some of the above reflects seasonal trends so it's useful to look at how this compares with results from the same period last year. Year on year, the increase in revenue is 42% with a 10% decrease in spend and a resulting ROI improvement of 57%.

The Happy Client Says

Having worked successfully with Rocket previously, I felt that they were the right team to assist us in turning around our online performance from both a paid and organic point of view. After a competitive pitch process, they were appointed in Jan 2019. The early results look great and the team has gone above and beyond to deliver the results we needed in a timely and professional manner. I would not hesitate to recommend them to other organisations in a similar situation.

Racquel Collard,  Marketing Manager, 4 Cabling

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