11 Ways To Approach Digital Marketing When Not All Your Leads Are Equal

Digital is becoming more important to most businesses, but the reality is that most businesses don’t (and won’t) transact revenue through their website. They generate engagements, contacts, leads and enquiries from digital activities.

For these businesses it can be difficult to understand the actual ROI from digital investment. This is despite digital being one of the most measurable mediums imaginable.

Web analytics and common analytics metrics typically don’t correlate with actual revenue booked for non-ecommerce businesses. Conventional digital marketing (SEO, SEM, social, CRO etc) generally approach leads, engagements and enquiries from campaigns as equal value.

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  • How to accurately assess the success and failures of a digital approach
  • The most effective tactics and strategies for digital campaigns
  • Expert advice on how to categorise leads for maximum ROI
  • Knowledge of how efforts in digital relate to bottom-line business growth

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