Where we came from

Rocket’s been around for almost two decades, and in that time we’ve adapted to every change that’s come and gone in the digital space. In 1999 we were a tiny web development agency creating custom web applications. Today, we’re an award-winning and energetic team of over 30 digital marketing specialists. Our sole focus is on fuelling the business growth of our clients.

Over time, one crucial factor has remained the same: people want to find quality services and products online. We make it easy for your customers to do just that through expertise, commitment and a dedication to strategies that deliver results.


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Our Purpose

To connect our clients with their perfect customers

Our Vision

An inclusive workplace where smart and driven people do the best work of their careers. 

Dave, James and Garry.

Rocket is the result of three key fields. From 1999 Dave and Garry combined their design and programming talents to provide specialist web development, joining forces with marketing ace James to evolve into Rocket. Our three founders are still instrumental within the agency today, with Dave leading Rocket’s client experiences and overall trajectory, James managing sales and marketing processes and Garry heading up the production team.

Meet the Rocket team

Our crew features digital marketing specialists, nimble-fingered creatives and data analysts who thrive on identifying useful trends and opportunities. We’re completely obsessed with the digital space and its potential for your sales team. Rocket is fuelled by good food, website data and love from our office canines. Want to get to know us better? Go on, check us out below.

If you’re a digital pro searching for kindred spirits, head on over to our careers page.

Our Values

Rocket’s values drive every interaction and every piece of work we do. These values have been developed by our team and they stand loud and proud on the walls of our office. Frankly, we think they’re good rules for general life too. They’re a huge part of why clients love to work with us, and why we love working with them.

No Jerks

No jerks

We value fairness, respect, and honesty. The benefits are obvious whether you’re the newest member of our team, one of our founders or our biggest client. Being clear and kind to each other gets better results, plus everyone enjoys themselves along the way.

Get it done

In a world of unlimited options, it’s not enough to just get stuff done. We understand that success is about identifying the truly valuable, removing all obstacles and making it happen.

Be better

Nothing changes as fast as the digital landscape, and this provides the perfect environment to keep adapting and improving. We stay on our toes as individuals and as a company, never settling and always improving. Our ongoing aim is to be even better in 12 months’ time.

Do right by
the client

Quite simply, you’re the reason we get to do what we enjoy doing so much. We are devoted to providing the ultimate customer experience for you, from explaining strategies clearly to being absolutely upfront when we think something could be working better.


There’s no place for shirkers with Rocket. The people we love to work with are the self-starters: those who take ownership of their work, look for ways to help their colleagues and go above and beyond for their clients.

Love what
you do

What we do can be challenging. It requires dedication, creativity and constant evolution in a fast-paced space. Loving what you do makes life easier and a lot more rewarding. Energy and enthusiasm are also infectious, and they have a funny knack of making things a success.

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