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We’re an award-winning agency of 30+ digital marketing specialists. Our sole focus is on fuelling the business growth of our clients through digital channels. We’ve been around long enough to know that success requires the best people, and for those people to bring to the table a blend of technical brilliance, marketing smarts and business savvy. Add to that our radical commitment to our clients and their results and you have Rocket.

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Our size means we’ve got the depth to be genuinely expert across a range of different channels. It also means we can scale up or down as needed and quickly adapt, regardless of the challenge or opportunity, to changes that occur. Our team of strategists, designers, videographers and writers work seamlessly with our specialists in Google Ads, Paid Social, SEO and Email Marketing to deliver award-winning real-world results. Meet the team below!

The Rocketeers

Digital marketing champion, business owner and all-round good guy.

David Lawrence

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Almost 20 years of digital marketing experience in both agency and client side. No member of the Rocket team has ever beaten James in a round of golf…

James Lawrence

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

With degrees in mathematics and economics, nobody understands more about Google Ads (or eats more cheese) than Garry.

Garry Viner

Co-Founder and Head of Search

Sharon’s a wonder with the numbers and Mum to two creative kids.

Sharon Clennar

Group Financial Director

David is so across the web, he was involved in YouTube before it was cool.

David Roberts

Marketing Technology Director


Lucie is a creative extraordinaire and avid wearer of bandanas.

Lucie Mammone

Senior Designer

Anita’s our token agency Kiwi and a really talented designer.

Anita Robinson

Senior Designer

Qiret leads people and projects like a champ (just don’t ask her to turn left).

Qiret Lane

Group Account Director

Sachin is an ROI obsessed digital marketer who has a long track record in achieving huge return-on-marketing-investments for his clients

Sachin Rajah

Technical Account Director


Davy is a French Web designer who arrived in Australia in 2016, bringing his French touch to graphic design down under.

Davy Dubouchet

Senior Designer

After having an existential crisis in her mid 20’s, Stef decided to join a digital agency.

Stefania Perrone

Digital Marketing Specialist


Bec is a creative designer who adds a personal touch to everything she does.

Rebecca Turner

Senior Designer

Part-time Irish-man, full-time digital marketing extraordinaire.

Kevin McAuley

Senior Consultant

Harrison is probably the only chess player to be a regular attendee of the Hardcore Rave scene #Rave2TheGrave

Harrison Cox

Digital Marketing Specialist


Originating from Argentina, Mariano has come on board as an AM with 10 years of experience.

Mariano Di Lascio

Digital Marketing Specialist

The agency’s budding Astronaut, Aseem has come aboard as a PPC Specialist.

Aseem Das

Digital Marketing Specialist

Ally is an internet native and a problem solver.

Ally Lester

Office Manager

Rocket’s bonafide multi-linguist, acapella-ist, and marketing automation specialist.

Eshita Durve

Digital Marketing Specialist

Vatsal’s a mild-mannered digital geek with a secret metal dark side.

Vatsal Prasad

Digital Marketing Specialist

Britt’s a Northern Beaches local with a passion for great food and bev.

Britt Smith

Digital Marketing Specialist


Woof. Woof. Woof.

Ollie the Dog

Resident Doggo

What We Believe In

No jerks

We value fairness, respect, and honesty. The benefits are obvious whether you’re the newest member of our team, one of our founders or our biggest client. Being clear and kind to each other gets better results, plus everyone enjoys themselves along the way.

Get it done

In a world of unlimited options, it’s not enough to just get stuff done. We understand that success is about identifying the truly valuable, removing all obstacles and making it happen.

Be better

Nothing changes as fast as the digital landscape, and this provides the perfect environment to keep adapting and improving. We stay on our toes as individuals and as a company, never settling and always improving. Our ongoing aim is to be even better in 12 months’ time.

Do right by the client

Quite simply, you’re the reason we get to do what we enjoy doing so much. We are devoted to providing the ultimate customer experience for you, from explaining strategies clearly to being absolutely upfront when we think something could be working better.

Take ownership

There’s no place for shirkers with Rocket. The people we love to work with are the self-starters: those who take ownership of their work, look for ways to help their colleagues and go above and beyond for their clients.

Love what you do

What we do can be challenging. It requires dedication, creativity and constant evolution in a fast-paced space. Loving what you do makes life easier and a lot more rewarding. Energy and enthusiasm are also infectious, and they have a funny knack of making things a success.

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